Thursday, October 18, 2007

Halloween Ideas
Dead 80's Celebrities

A friend of mine wanted to throw a "Hollywood is Dead To Me" dead celebrity party before Halloween. People were supposed to get dressed up, but now they don't have to, which is unfortunate because I had a good Halloween costume idea.

Michael Hutchence!

I'd just need a wig, sunglasses, an INXS shirt, and a belt tied around my neck. I could also bring a plastic bag with me to put over my head.

Got any good Halloween costume ideas?


Naked Chocolate Jesus in New York. That better be white chocolate.

Clarification: I killed, and did not eat, my girlfriend. That's good to know.

Dealing with exes, the scientific way. Love's, literally, like a drug. I wish I could snort love, cuz I'd snort you all day. I can totally write lyrics.

How to review restaurants by some prick asshole. This one is for the Yelpers.

Perv On: 111 shirtless men shopping at A&F. They should go underwear shopping next.


Too Hotty said...

Stop posting long, interesting articles at the end of your entries. I'm gonna be late for work now.

Matt C said...

I was thinking about being Freddy Mercury, but I can't grow a mustache like that or catch AIDS by Halloween

bagel said...

We talked about this. You keep forgetting about the strap on to stroke. He was whacking when he auto-asphyxiated.

Deviant said...

Not now guys, I'm TOTALLY having a fat day!

Laurie Kendrick said...

You could go as Lupe Velez with a toilet seat around your face.

Or James Dean with your head in the glove compartment of a sporty little roadster.

Or you could don glasses, take a bite out of a realistic looking dildo and go as Jeffrey Dahmer.

Other than that Kev, I'm out of ideas.

And let me beat you to it---Yes, I am drunk AND all hopped up on goofballs.

Love to the wife and kids!!


bagel said...

You look chubby when youre fishing for compliments

Deviant said...

I like the Lupe Velez idea. And I'm all better now!