Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Binge Drinking Moms

In light of new findings involving binge drinking and mothers, I wanted to start an event for pregnant women called, "Pregnant Ladies Night Out."

All xxx pregnant sluts pounding back drinks and making out with each other while rubbing bellies.

I'm very sure there's a market for this.

I used to think that a pregnant woman was the highest form of untouchable glory that a human being could achieve with their bodies, I'm glad that modern times are proving me wrong.

If we could load up those swollen mammaries with Vodka, then we'd have a party.


Paris Hilton saves drunk elephants... or not.

Prince Harry is single again. I link to that article because it contains a photo of Harry making a really hot rape face.


David said...

Mmmmmm, rape face.

matt c said...


Too Hotty said...

I don't remember it being hot when I was raped by Frankenstein.

Deviant said...

Grrrr monster destroy!