Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Are There No News
Santa Is A Rightwing Prick

I love to read ABC news. Their website is so slick that its ugly, their photos are frequently bizarre, and they write crazy stories, or they have normal stories written about crazily.

Case in point, their interview with Santa Claus

Headline: Claus Gets Candid About Weight Issues, Scary Laugh
Santa Claus Finds His Old-School Ideas Trouble in a More Politically Correct World

I always suspected that Santa Claus was a right-wing asshole, and this article all but proves this case.

"Claus has been under siege in recent years by what he has characterized as a "vast politically correct conspiracy" that includes the media, the American Civil Liberties Union and the U.S. surgeon general, among others."

I can really picture Santa rubbing his crotch while complaining that the Jews own all the media, and he strikes me as mean enough to not visit them because of this.

I've been staring at this article all day and I have no idea what its aiming to be? Is it adult humor? Because the article clearly isn't for kids since it paints Santa as a redneck menace.

My favorite comment on this piece was made by biogirlrayray, who said the following: "This "report" and "interview" represented the worst of the journalism! Are there no news in the world worth reporting? I am extremely disappointed and even disgusted by ABC news!

Are there no news is now officially my favorite saying of the day. Someone needs to take this Santa pic:

And add "Are there no news?!" on it for instant lulz.

Notes...ABC News Style

Why do celebs go crazy written by Vincent Price.

Hulk Hogan puts the 'extreme' in Extreme Closeup

School shootings exported to India? I originally thought this read "School Shootings Outsourced to India." Mine is funnier.

Castration for Rapists. I don't think we castrate with knives, but nevertheless, that alleged rapist is about to get knifed by the silhouette of a woman...or maybe you have to read it from left to right as: Dirty old man + knife = Hot woman silhouette.


bagel said...

Silly blogger too lazy to make his own graphics.

There. Also, how could you not see that he's playing pocket pool?

Deviant said...

this lolsanta will prove useful on many a lonely night! Thanks bagel.