Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Gun Debate

Gun owners are the people with the worst arguments for their cause that I've ever had the pleasure of meeting.

I don't think its a secret that most gun owners are, at worst, maniacs, and at least, dimwits.

As an example, gun collectors will often say they like to collect guns because "guns are way cool," and they'll go on and say that their collection is no different than any other person's collection...

Who do you know that collects anything who doesn't appear to be some sort of secret pedophile? I don't collect anything, mainly because I'm not a rapist. The closest thing I have to a "collection" is a bunch of books, all of which I've read and don't have the heart to throw out (what kind of asshole throws out books?).

I think we can all agree then that the gun debate is the silliest debate ever, because clearly gun owners are dimwits that never make any valid points...

However, the problem comes when you realize that they have all the guns, and that they will just shoot you.

That's essentially the gun debate in the United States just in case you were wondering. Our second amendment fans are all inbred pricks whose only debate leg they have to stand on is on the fact that they desperately want to gun you down if you take their guns away.

Unfortunately, our cycle of violence begins when aforementioned dimwits allows some emo kid dimwit in training access to their guns who then goes off and shoots people.

I would say all of this, but I'm afraid to be shot in the face, so go ahead and carry on this "gun debate."

Gun vs. Sword though, now that is just plain Cool Runnings. Jamaican Bobsledders? In MY vagina? Its more likely than you think.


bagel said...

I like to have guns around just in case I need to threaten, shoot, and/or kill someone or something. Seriously.
Any other reason is retarded.

When the zombie apocalypse comes, you'll be rethinking your second amendment stance -- just before your brains are eaten.

Deviant said...

Guns don't kill zombies, Bazookas do!