Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Racism In The Media
How To Identify A Racist

I think there's a major problem in the white community.

The whites have forgotten all about racism, specifically, that they are racists.

I hear all about how black people are using the race card too much, how illegals shouldn't be given rights, how Don Imus did nothing wrong, how everyone can say "nigger" because black people can say "nigger," and I'm just wondering when the hell did all the whites get over their racism?

Know your role white people, you are the ones that went to Africa, dragged black people over here, enslaved them, and then several years later have the audacity to call them all lazy...

I know there's a big debate on what constitutes a racist, this debate happens even when someone out-and-out uses the N-word (oh well maybe in context it was ok), so I'd like to point out a rule for identifying racists that can help solve all the confusion once and for all.

If you listen to Don Imus you are 100% racist...

Also, if you have ever lived on a barn, or know of anyone who has, you're a racist.


Sherri "The World Aint Flat" Sheperd doesn't think there was anything before B.C.. Its racist to put her on TV.


bagel said...

"Also, if you have ever lived on a barn, or know of anyone who has, you're a racist."

I don't know what that means. Does that make me racist? Or is it all that other stuff?

GrooveTheory said...

Kevin ... do you know why I read your blog regularly? It's like listening to Paris Hilton or Britney songs, you know you'll regret it afterwards, but you listen to it anyway. A guilty pleasure. In your case though, I know I'll cringe or laugh nervously afterwards, but here I am, not just a prying visitor ... but someone to comments as well.

You're a hot mess!

Deviant said...

Oh no bagel, you're a racist because YOU DON' LIKE BLACK PEOPLE!!!

Thank you groove I appreciate it ;)

bagel said...

Groove: Kevin isn't so much a hot mess as a warm, sticky stain.

I wish someone would call me a hot mess! *sniff*

Kevin: Oh, that. Don't forget those lazy latins! Still, I'm not clear on "lived on a barn"

David said...

If you've lived on a barn, you are either Snoopy or a barn swallow.

If you've lived IN a barn, you are more likely a quadruped.

Warring African tribes came up with slavery centuries before the whites ever jumped on that bandwagon. Give credit where credit is due, ya racist.