Monday, December 10, 2007

Slutty Little Girls
The Girl Group Phenomena

Have you heard about how little girls are looking sluttier at a younger age these days?

I was sitting in a Mcdonalds this sunday (don't ask) when a gaggle of preteen little tykes walked in and sat down in front of me.

I looked at them and realized that the perception that our "American girls" is wrong and runs counter-intuitive to the very idea of the phenomenon of girl groups.

Its almost a general rule that girls in groups have ONE raging slut (two at most), and sure enough one of the preteen little toddlers who walked into the McDonalds looked like a 35 year old divorcee.

She put down her mink-like coat and waddled up to her seat in her high heels and mini-skirt.

I think the slutty girls within girl groups are dressing sluttier, but I doubt that all girls in general are dressing worse than they were before.

The ritual role of "slut girl in the group" is--of course--passed down from slut girl mother to daughter every generation. During saner times we would burn such heathens, but now we allow them to walk amongst us and get criticized by "experts" who are probably pedophiles.


bagel said...

That photo is heinous. I didn't see it at first, but damn.

You're growing up, sweety. By that, I mean you're getting old. Kids today!

"get criticized by "experts" who are probably pedophiles."

Self-actualization is the best actualization.

LisaPal said...

I thought slutwear was on its way out.

Here's a Holiday Video for you.

Deviant said...

Fukken saved on my youtube fave's list.