Monday, January 28, 2008

The Alzheimer's Cap
American Girls Are Easy?

It seems like three rapists have invented an Alzheimer's cap.

You gonna get raped

ABC News piece here. I skimmed the article, so I'm assuming that the hat the perverts have invented actually cures Alzheimer's and does not cause it.

"Nevertheless, a team of British researchers is showcasing a bizarre-looking contraption that they say could stimulate the healing and regeneration of brain cells using a specific wavelength of infrared light — a category of radiation most often associated with heat energy.

Alright the story checks out, apparently the hat allegedly helps cute Alzheimers.

Alzheimers is a very near and dear issue for me because my Grandmother suffers from it, as well as dementia. As you can imagine she was a complete loon for the majority of the time I spent living with her, so she eventually had to be put into a home far away in Guatemala.

Nevertheless, we should hold off on praising any Euro perverts just yet. This could be a plot.

A rape plot.

*Deviant does not claim these scientists are actual rapists. This is just....parody. Yeah that's it...parody...hehehe

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