Thursday, January 24, 2008

An Apology For Angst
HBO's The Wire OnDemand: Ain't Technology Grand?

Firstly, I want to apologize to the people who read this blog for the earlier angst ridden post.

As a brief update, I failed to realize that said romantic conquest might have been lying to me, as is evident in his subsequent silence, and I also failed to realize that he is bat-shit insane having cried twice after sex.

Sorry, even the strongest of us out there occasionally wilt under the duress of pheromones and other chemicals.

We return now safely to the sanctuary of my inhumanity.

So...I'm sure no one is aware of this, but HBO recently decided--in a revolutionary move--to put an episode of the show The Wire up on their OnDemand service one week before it airs on the channel.

Here's the problem, the internet, in all of its wackiness, has decided that its not ok to talk about the episode viewable OnDemand before its aired. Meaning, I can't read a great synopsis about the episode I ordered OnDemand while bored out of my skull at work, without wading through people threatening to cut off spoiler people's balls.

Listen...the shows are available ONDEMAND for people with HBO to view, and if you have HBO, then why don't you have OnDemand?

I don't know how the world works in Eerie Indiana, or Buttfuck Maine, but out here in the city; you got got it OnDemand, everyone should be talking about the latest episode where one of the main big characters gets killed.

Wild Baltimore teens attempt to capture carrier pigeons from Season 4. Genius!

As you can tell, this is very important to me because none of my friends watch The Wire because they're racists. Oh yeah! You all watched the Sopranos somehow, but everytime I tell them to watch The Wire...its like I'm telling them the sky is blue, they just dismiss me in annoyance.

It's Dickensian for chrissakes.


Prez the cop becomes a teacher in season 4. Becomes my fantasy husband


Anonymous said...


I don't get to your blog enough and you know what? That's my fucking problem. I love how you write. You never fail to make me laugh and considering the amount of truly unfunny shit out there (at least in my opinion) you're like a fucking comedic oasis in a sub-Saharan cock baking desert.

I need to come back more often.

I think you're fucking hilarious.

Please, whether your a top or a bottom, always...ALWAYS avoid swallowing tainted splooge.

Laurie Kendrick

Deviant said...

Thank you Laurie.

It is comments like yours that compel me to continue. Well comments like yours and also the hate mail!

David said...

I didn't watch The Sopranos either.