Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Brad Renfro Is Dead, Long Live Brad Renfro
My First Spunk

I was prepared today to write something topical and entertaining...but I have found sad news to report.

Kiddie Porn star Actor Brad Renfro has died tonight

1982 - 2008

Brad Renfro was the first human being I ever masturbated to completion to when I was 12-13, and multiple times at that.

Renfro's lurid Tigerbeat spreads helped me discover my burgeoning sexuality. I had seen porn before, and had been turned on, but never had I fallen in love with a boy on cheap paper and tiny jpeg galleries.

His long hair, come hither looks, and mental deficiencies would forever shape the boys I'd be attracted to in my life.

Brad Renfro, you might have been disrespected in the media, dismissed as a loser druggie with no talent, but you will forever remain this young man's first lurid love.

Goodnight sweet prince.

The teenidols4you Brad Renfro Gallery


Underage Aussie Corey Worthington throws a party/riot in Melbourne, then smack talks an annoying reporter. Le yum? He's under arrest now though.


Too Hotty said...

At least he'll never get fat and disappoint everyone.

bagel said...


Hot junkie actor
Brad Renfro found dead Tuesday
He was in Bully.

jOjo said...

i felt the same way about jonathan brandis, although he did get fat and disappoint everyone.