Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Exposed As An Idiot
Rethinking The Nazi Party: Were They THAT Bad?

This is worth a read. Blogger Micky2 has exposed me as an idiotic anarchic punk over my LOLcaust Denial bit.

I'm going to be a big man too and apologize for having wished that the Nazis had killed his family. I'm not sure who you are Micky2, if your family even exists, or whether they went through the holocaust, but my aim wasn't to hurt anyone's feelings.

I also apologize for having laughed at Bush because I hadn't realized that:

"what the Nazis did is exactly what Radical Islam wants today. So I think its safe to say that Bush is and was reflecting on the fact that the war we are fighting today is a repeat of history, but with different players. If Kevin and his butthole surfing mousketeers were aware of how the Nazi doctrine is identical to that of Muslim extremists they to might crack a tear when seeing the reminder of 6 million dead people. As a matter of fact radical Islam got its floor plan and doctrine directly from the Nazis.

I was ready to endorse the Nazi party until this came to light, and what I learned from micky and everyone at Ration Reality is that the Nazis were very bad people who killed a lot of other people.

I had no idea.

Haha! Stupid Isaiah Washington!

I think conservatives would be surprised at how much they have in common with me. For instance, I hate the homeless (they smell and are crazy), and I'm afraid of black people, but really only the dark skinned ones.

Light skinned black people with glasses pose no threat.


New Bacteria for Gay Men.

Eddie Murphy splits from his wife of 2 weeks. His spiritual wife that is. Spiritual my ass. Something tells me that he wasn't acting in Dreamgirls!.....we're your dreaaaam giiirrrls

And finally: A cow drinks its own milk. Hot!


bagel said...

"butthole surfing mousketeers"

I'm sorry, but you gotta give the man props for that.

Also, it's lollercaust. You can't argue with animated giffery.

bagel said...

Holy hell! You've turned off comment moderation!

Too Hotty said...

Buh-duh duh-duh duh duh! Scott!

David said...

Still smiling...

Deviant said...

I only had moderation turned on to be warned of new comments when i'm at work.

Hitler was a bad guy, but HitLOL was an amazing piece of work.

micky said...

Thank you for that statement Kevin.
I understand the humor standard at Ration.
But I'm an old fart and takes somethings very seriously no matter where I go.