Saturday, January 12, 2008

Mii Drama
You Insensitive Jerks!

My Mii does not look like me because I have BODY IMAGE ISSUES!



Proof why ABC news rocks. They blank out the tumor man and inadvertently make him look like a Sith lord.

Bush wears a Yarmulke and cries about Auschwitz. Douchechills!

Seperated at birth twins get married. I have a theory about this. I think they knew they were seperated at birth twins and just said "fuck it let's get married," then it came out that they were blood relations and feigned surprise. That's my theory!

Clay Aiken, an interview in modesty. Or "Get the fuck out of my face with your questions about my personal life!" Newsweek did a bang up job!


David said...

Your Mii looks totally like you.

Too Hotty said...

David doesn't know you like I know you. And the you I know is ETHNIC!

Deviant said...


bagel said...

Why are its little hands all balled into little fists?

Also, there should be some live chickens pecking around at your feet. Or a goat or something. So noone mistakes your latinness for waponese.