Friday, January 04, 2008

Musical Friday
With Apologies to Britney Spears

I think we have to take this Musical Friday to seriously consider how well our lives are going (unless your poor, in which case forget I said anything) and give thanks that we aren't Britney Spears, who was recently hauled out of her house in a drug haze by an ambulance in front of the world.

Ladies and gentlemen, here's Britney Spears (remixed with the B-52s to prevent COMPLETE hemorrhaging of the brain).



Hear ye, hear ye, someone on Broadway is STRAIGHT! Too bad they fondled an underage girl. "Am I doing it right?" No, Broadway, you're not.

Bob Staakes' draws using negative space and an old Paint program. Trust me its cooler and less BoingBoingtarded than it sounds (Source: BoingBoing).

Laz D, The Rapper with Downs Syndrome. You can thank me later.

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