Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Private Joys
Smash Brothers / Intervention

I think that, as bloggers, we should indulge to the public every so often our private joys. I think writers--or "bloggers"--oftentimes get too wrapped up in aggregating odd news stories or presenting a front for celebrity gossip.

I'm going to share with you two private joys that may not mean much to you, but I will explain why they mean a lot to me.

1) The fact that on March 9th Nintendo characters are going to get together to beat the shit out of each other in Smash Brothers brings me great and private joy.

I am going to curb stomp you with Donkey Kong

Why would I, an intellectual adult of my fine standing, possibly gleam any pleasure from Smash Brothers?

I don't know.

But think of this before you poo-poo my pastime. When you're lying in bed wondering why no one loves you, or wondering why your boyfriend/girlfriend wants to sleep with people other than you...OR WHEN the cold steel of a clean blade puncturing your skin is the only thing that brings you pleasure...know that having a private joy would ease your pain.

And my pleasure is retro cool, at least I'm not watching episodes of Star Trek or attending faggy musical theater openings.

My second private joy is A&E's Intervention, particularly the one with the woman addicted to mini-vodka bottles. Here is part of it. The joy this brings me should be self-evident.



ABC News shits all over the mourning of Heath Ledger. Thanks you monsters!

Are fatties hurt by fat pictures. I say they should know how fat they've gotten...by a jury of their peers.

My take on religious persecution...conclusion: Not such a bad thing after all!


WDL said...


thats just awful.

but hilarious.


Deviant said...


Welcome to the internets matthew. May I interest you in a free gmail account ;-p