Thursday, January 17, 2008

Russian Douchebags
Culture, Brought To You By Deviant

I wanted to weigh in on the great cultural debate of the century:

Should Nabokov's son publish his father's manuscript despite the fact that Nabokov told him to burn the thing right before he died?

I'm a fan of Nabokov's work, he wrote a clever story called Pale Fire, and I liked Lolita, so I have deep respect for the man and for what he accomplished with the English language and the art of the narrative.

But, he's dead--pulverized--under several feet of dirt, therefore his son should publish the shit out of that Laura... book in order to appease us all.

I'm very much against "respecting the dead" because such people are dead and not around to see you respecting them, so its just simple superstition that will end up leading Nabokov's son to burning this story.

"In particular, he singles out critics who have used close readings of Nabokov's work to suggest that [Nabokov] himself was molested or abused. And though Dmitri hasn't made a final decision, he says the desire to spare Laura similar molestation by the "Lolitologists" inclines him to obey his father's wishes and consign the manuscript to oblivion.

Basically this Dimitri character has dicked around with the media for years with the "won't he will he burn it" routine because a few "Lolitologists" called his daddy a pedophile.


I'm a licensed LOLitologist, and I can safely say the thought never ocurred to me.

Dimitri Nabokov, LOLkiller, go walk off a large tetris spire you no talent spawn! Eat my babushka


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