Monday, January 07, 2008

We Start This Week With Emotions
How Women Are Essentially Broken Animals

I watched Juno recently, which is a very quirky comedy about white trash in a small suburban town; specifically it involves a girl named Juno who gets knocked up by her sweetly dumb best friend, and I found it a little jarring.

It was--quite honestly--a movie for white people. I don't think black people will respond well to this movie though, and latinos like me will sort of dig it depending on how whitewashed they are. I think the japs will love it, and the Indians will hate it because there's a scene where a dot-head radiologists gets told off for no reason.

At any rate, the movie is great in that is so pertinent to our times in particular. I'm talking about the latest insanity surrounding the female portion of our population.

I.E Britney Spears, Jamie Lynn Spears, and Hillary Clinton.

Women are--for the most part--crazy emotional wrecks, and watching Juno taught me that they view the world through irritating acoustically powered soundtracks, and their bodies go haywire during pregnancy, and they love bad films starring Matthew McConaughey.

In this respect, the Juno film experience did its job, and if I was a woman, I'd get a sex change.


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Too Hotty said...

Scott Bakula's handsome enough. I'll take that.

Do you think I liked the soundtrack to Juno because I'm whiter and more girly than you?

Deviant said...

Well...yeah! I don't picture you at home jamming out to Rage Against the Machine and Van Halen, know what I mean?

bagel said...

You, sir, are a bitchface.

David said...

If the movie is as bad as the trailer, it might actually be toxic.