Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Archbishop's Say The Darndest Things
Not Without My Shia Law!

The Archbishop of Canterbury Tales, Rowan Atkinson

The archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams (who I could have sworn was a fictional character) suggested recently that Europe give Muslim shia law a place of its own within the country.

Meaning that if a Muslim wants to sort of kind of beat his wife or force her to wear a burka at all times, then he can do that without the government intervening too much because it is his religious right. Its the same concept we have here in regards to allowing Christians to marry "in the eyes of their invisible man" , and how we let Mormons have weekend snake handling events.

Nobody likes this idea naturally because everyone is afraid of Muslims. They beat their women and force people into marriage, and they did 9-11 (contrary to popular belief that the Jews did it...I saw it with my own eyes in that United 93 movie), but overall I think its unfair that Christians, Jews, and other religions get special treatment under the law.

I think every person of every major religion--if they want to belong to THIS country at least--better learn to play by our rules. No more of this "special treatment" bullshit, you want to live in the U.S. of A you better start assimilating. I see the Christians walking around with their Ashes on Wednesdays, the Jews with the Yarmulkes, and the Muslims with their beatings-of-their-women, and its high time we stop this nonsense and start living like Americans...and if you can't do that then just hop on over the border and go back where you came from (sorry Jews, HAH!).

As for the Church of England...well who knows? The Church of England is hardly a real religion as they've already accepted homosexuals, but the jury is out on the lesbians.

For information's sake, below is the History of the Church of England as presented by cross-dressing comedian Eddie Izzard:



Marriage without Monogamy. Some guy is letting other guy's pork his wife. Hahaha, tool.

Valentine's day gifts for your pets by ABC News. Giving v-day gifts to your pets is a slippery slope.


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