Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Cockblocking the Memory of Anne Frank
The Livejournal of Anne Frank

I was happy to discover recently that Peter, the boy Anne Frank had a crush on, was unmasked and it seems like he really was a cute Jewish kid (unlike Anne Frank who--let's face it--looks like my grandma).

I had the pleasure of playing the part of Peter in a cold reading of the play based on Anne Frank's diary back in Junior High, and I played the part as if Peter was a closet homosexual who didn't know what to do with Anne Frank's advances...

It turns out that Peter's photograph was found by a male friend...

Peter gave him a passport-size photograph and a note that read, "In friendly remembrance of your friend Lutz Peter Schiff." "We didn't realize at the time that was something that girls do and not boys,"

Sure you didn't, way to cockblock Anne Frank, or was it Anne Frank who was the cock blocker?

When I came back Peter was no longer at his old address; he'd moved and was living with a much older boy, who apparently told him I was just a child, because Peter stopped seeing me,"--Anne Frank

I think Peter was totally a gay boy, and if he wasn't then its obvious he was just way out of Anne Frank's league.

It also sucks when the Holocaust gets in the way of young love. Talk about an emo livejournal entry.


Whatever happened to Jeff Mangum who wrote an album about Anne Frank.


WDL said...

omg. this coming from the man who has a boy passing gas for two minutes in his sidebar.

omg. jews and gas on the same page.

am i detecting some zyclone-b reference?

i sent this article out to my whole Jewish Museum today. Everyone was very touched.

Though, I hate to admit this, but, I think Peter was gay too.


Deviant said...

Oh well in that case. Welcome Juden, I am Kevin, friend of the Jews...and YOUR NEW KING!

bagel said...

holy shit, that's the most interesting news i've heard in a long time.

Deviant said...

Maybe I should digg myself.

o_O said...

Oh I've changed the front video to something more appropriate btw.