Thursday, February 14, 2008

Don't Know Much About Love
There Is Hope In The Quiet Dignity of Stable Relationships

I don't know a whole lot about relationships. Most of what I've learned I've gleamed from the relationships of others which does grant me a special outsider knowledge.

I know couples who aren't physically or mentally attracted to each other, and I know couples who are bizarrely co-dependant, and I'm terrified that I'll end up in that situation especially as I grow older. I realize that being in a relationship is work, but I doubt it should be pathology.

I read about how our society has gotten worse because we no longer care about each other and are obsessed with celebrity and soulless internet communication...but I think that notion is incorrect because there never was a time in documented history when anybody ever cared about anybody else; this is why the holocaust happened.

I know its hard to find hope for civilization during Valentines, but its there if you look real hard. It was for me here today when I saw my coworker--with quiet diginity--wearing a tie, knowing he had a big dinner planned later that night for his girlfriend, and it is with my friend Mr. Reality Show Reject who is happily living with his boyfriend, a big bootied Puerto Rican who loves Reaggaton (they both have AIDS), and I think I see hope in my dear friend who got flowers from his boyfriend who is black...but that's ok because some black people are just like everyone else.

The debate on whether or not humans are meant for monogamy is a silly one, of course they are, because if they weren't then women would lay eggs into the bodies of their mates, and the eggs would hatch and the babies would feast on the insides of the man and crawl out of him; that or all women would be like Tilda Swinton, who is a gigantic slut.

Happy Valentines!


US to shoot down spy satellite, fear it'll end up on ebay.

ABC news investigates the follies of falling for your teacher. The ABC News reporter who wrote this story confesses to having banged her teacher 3 paragraphs in. Further proof of ABC news superiority.

The opening scene to Todd Solondz' Happiness. The perfect Valentine movie.

Guarding blogger savaged by commentators because he is a smug 19 year old who is related to one of the editors. Classic.

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