Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Svelte Again

"JACKSON, Miss. - A state lawmaker wants to ban restaurants from serving food to obese customers... - Fact.

Finally, thank you.

Someone in our government is of right mind and body. It is high time we stop feeding fat people, and this should be law all throughout the land.

I'm happy to report that I have officially lost my holiday pounds, I am now back to my normal pounds that are charming to people befuddled by my intellect.

Because people will love you as long as you can distract them from your hideous flaws! You see? Everyone has hope, even fatties.

Now that I'm enjoying a level of semi-fitness, I served myself a big heaping bowl of spaghetti, which I will work off with half-assed aerobics.

I'm sorta kinda feeling the burn, which is just semi-painful.



Young hottie wonders whether he is the only young supporter of Hillary Clinton. No you are not, red-faced hottie, no you are not. Go Hillary!


Too Hotty said...

Ooh, Photo Boy was dreamy under all that fat. I wonder how many other people are being wasted. If losing weight isn't going to reveal a beautiful face, I say don't bother.

WDL said...

he was cute until I noticed that ginormous ring in his ear.

and his girlfriend looks skanky.


David said...

Thanks for the slate article.

Deviant said...

I'm proof of the wasted beauty, as I too used to be a fatty.

I agree about the girlfriend, yikes.

You're welcome