Thursday, February 07, 2008

Hipster Lingo
There's No Such Thing As An Ugly Josh

This video intrigues me.

Here are the reasons why it does NOT intrigue me: The ill-fitting hipster suit, his raspy voicebox and dry mouth, his phallic microphone, his communist philosophy, and his GIGANTIC WHITE HANDS.

Here is why I am intrigued by this video: I think I know who his "friend Josh" is, and I think he was my old office crush.

Seriously, through sheer internet Matlockery, having waded through myspace pages, previous recordings of Arin Crumley's, Wink search results, and the like--I'm pretty sure the Josh person he mentions is a Josh I know.

That's wild! Think about it for a second. Throwaway lines from someone you don't know can now be dutifully cyber-stalked back to you if you try hard enough. You just have to be willing to follow back-and-forth myspace/facebook convos from people. In my wildest imagination "his friend josh" is involved in some sort of pseudo love triangle with Aarin and his ex-girlfriend, but neither of them know that he was at one point gay for me.

This could be a case of the internet revolutionizing the way we uncover unforeseen aspects of our relationships with others, or it could just mean I've gone paranoid-schizophrenic from an unknown brain aneurysm.

Either way its no big deal. I've never met an ugly Josh--ever--so I'm sure Arin's friend is cute even if it isn't an old coworker.

I went to Whole Foods Winery with Scott B recently and the genial handsome man who was our check-out guy was named Josh!

There is no such thing as an ugly Josh. I defy anyone to find a Josh that looks like a Carl or a George who all invariably resemble ogres.


Nah, nothing good to report crotch grabbing Santa.


Too Hotty said...

This Josh used to have a yen for me in grad school: Link to Josh

I can't find any pictures of the ones from high school I wanted to share. But this one was best.

Did you watch that Arin's follow-up video "Haters in a Hostile World"? It's actually pretty awesome. He makes a song out of peoples bitch comments to him. I kinda love it.

A said...

are you saying that your old roommate Josh from Astoria is good looking? I'll tell him you said that.

Deviant said...

I knew you would like that follow-up video. I thought it was a little gay, the comments obviously got to him, and I think people on the internet should get used to being repeatedly told that they suck and that they need to go die somewhere. Its the beauty of the thing.

Hey Adrian, oh good one, now that I remember it Josh was ugly on the inside and the outside. Point taken.