Saturday, February 23, 2008

In Defense of Wiggers
How I Have Celebrated Black History Month

Remember in the 90's when hip-hop and rap became really popular?

Do you remember how quite a few editorial and music critics at the time complained that the children listening to urban music were all white suburbanites who wanted to be black?

That was so racist.

Since when can't white kids get together and listen to black music, adopt urban mannerisms, and idolize black artists? Isn't that part of the dream?

America should be ashamed of itself.

February is black history month, and I'm sure that no adult took it upon themselves to do anything in honor of it.

I've gone ahead and done something about it. I have a black friend now. He's awesome, he doesn't act black and he doesn't act completely faggy, so I don't feel ashamed about introducing him to people. His name is also my name.

Peace brothers.



ABC News in conjunction with 20/20 is now fucking up your shit. You catch someone cheating. Do you Tell? Their experiment is beyond stupid, but hilarious.

Black online magazine reviews Puff Daddy's Raisin In The Sun. In this article I learned that the black woman is the mule of the world. Wow.

5 ays Hollywood tricks you into seeing crap movies. I love their little Venn Diagram there.

Be Kind Rewind's make your own trailer movie Flash thing with made up movies from the film....

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