Friday, February 08, 2008

Musical Friday

...aaaa haha what a wonderful week folks. We've got a wonderful three-way race for the presidency between an extremely old and liberal wartime prisoner, an empowered woman with a short haircut, and an uppity black man...

It just goes to show you the one issue that is the most important in the upcoming election, and that is to give the finger to the white man.

Thank you, ladies and gents thank you.

Our next guest for musical Friday is known throughout the world as the rocking ambassadors of peace. I saw them live (in 3-D), please give a warm welcome to U2!!



Margaret Cho is Bi-Candidate. We arr rook arike.

The anti-anti-juno backlash:

"If tons of people despise something—like, say, the comedy of Carlos Mencia—the Anger Quota has already been filled, and I don’t have to feel strongly about it one way or another."-Tim Long

...or you could--you know--form an opinion on something based on personal preference? Its a wild idea, I know, which is why I tentatively throw it out there.

White people kill a black for some reason. One of them is a Ferengi woman

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