Monday, February 11, 2008

Patrick Sammon Profiled by Kenneth Cole
Understanding Log Cabin Republicans

The President of the Log Cabin Republicans is featured in a stylish Kenneth Cole ad campaign.

I couldn't understand the concept of Republican gays until I saw that clip, and I think I've figured it out.

Gays can be racist too.

Let's say I'm gay and white, and I experience the typical conflicts and hardships that face other gay guys, but I'm also white so I naturally hate blacks and latinos too ; not only would I want to be a "Gay" but I'd also be interested in joining an organized racist organization i.e. "The Republicans."

Its like a black person joining the KKK because he thinks black chicks are annoying.

I get it now, and I'm kind of cool with it.

I do still think that Kenneth Cole is a disgrace though....damn skinny stylish pants no one can afford.

Extra: Watch Ron Paul flush his candidacy down the toilet because he's a racist. Or sorry, he's an ANTI-racists. I like when politicians say that their past shit is dragged up for "political reasons." Uhh well you're running for president, haven't you ever heard of background checks? Douchebags.


Too Hotty said...

That is the ugliest fucking tie I've ever seen.

Deviant said...

Between you and me though, I'd still hit it with a rubbery screw driver.