Friday, March 21, 2008

Bullshitting Your Way To Heaven
Odds Are Against You

Have you ever heard the argument that its risky being an atheist because it almost certainly disqualifies you from getting into heaven if it--by chance--exists? Then atheists counter that they wouldn't respect a heaven that would only admit its own members?

The original argument makes no sense to me because there are hundreds of organized religions in the world with hundreds of versions of heaven, so I think its riskier to choose one of those religions rather than being an atheist and rejecting all of them at once.

Let me explain.

Let's say you walk into a Casino, play some card games, and you're up $1,000 dollars. Now you can either devote the rest of your time to one of 1,000 games in the casino and probably lose all your money since the odds of you winning against the house are enormous--OR you could just WALK AWAY with the money.

The safe and sane bet is to walk away. If someone tries to get you to stay by threatening to break your legs, you talk your way out of it.

Knowing all that, if you join a religion like Christianity, then your odds of going to heaven are like 1/1000 or something like that, in other words, you'll be in SOME religion's hell because you chose wrong.

Whereas I, whom has rejected all religions, have a pretty good chance of just bullshitting my way into the right pearly gates, "hey I didn't know and I kept it real. I commit myself NOW to Jesus/Vishnu/Hubbard because I see that my love came from Him."

You'd have a harder time pulling that shit if you've devoted your whole life to one club. Saavy?


David said...

You can't plead ignorance with this post on record. God reads your blog. He just can't be bothered to comment.

And besides, Atheist or no, you're just an evil person.

Happy Death of Jesus Day!

Too Hotty said...

Your casino analogy kinda blows, but I like what you say.

Let's die at the same time so I can have you speak for both of us.

bagel said...

Your use of logic sickens me.

WDL said...

Um, it's all about getting your name on the VIP can bribe them too.

I'll save you a seat.