Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Deviant: Now Web 2.0 Friendly

You might have noticed a few changes around here.

Yes the template is different from the black background and blood red font of old. I thought the site needed updating towards a design that wasn't so juvenile and rude (because the writing speaks for itself), and I believe it needed a bit of an ironic edge stopping short of a giant picture of the virgin mary on the upper right.

Ah yes....CHANGE! A new direction! Yes...we....can!!

You will no longer see interesting News Links on the bottom of every entry, but you will see them periodically updated throughout the day on the right hand side column under "Notes from the Underground" through the magic of social bookmarking, meaning they appear with commentary as I encounter them.

There is a feed on the lower right, please subscribe and tell your friends. Permalinks are up, we are finally in the 21st Century. Can you digg?

Also I've taken great strides to incorporate more virtual technology in my personal life, for instance, I was pondering the pleasant idea of having a pet today, but as I stopped in front of a row of Nintendo DS games, I figured a virtual Nintendog might be a better idea; you can rub his head using the portable console's touch screen.

Are social networking sites making us less social? Is technology tearing our happiness asunder? Not me, definitely not, I can assure you with great certainty that I am just as miserable today as my ancestors were before me.

Also, I have written a band review here. Next stop Pitchfork.


Flip X said...

Hey again, Special K. I've got 50 unread posts of yours RSS'd in my Thunderbird inbox - hope I haven't missed much. :o)

Interesting idea for the new lay-out...a little too ironic for mass consumption, but then again, that's the whole point, innit?

Bear with me as I backtrack comments through this ol' blog...

Kevin said...

A little too ironic? Yeah I really do think, its like RAAAAAAAIIINN....

Eric said...

i used to be able to read whole posts in my rss reader, now i only get the titles.

can you re-enable whatever blogger setting lets me read entire posts rather than forcing me to click-through to your site?


Kevin said...

O-Okay Dad!! Sorry!!

Try it now.