Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fly G Turns On Blacks
Elliot Spitzer Pissed Off The Wrong Folks

Fly G texted me yesterday with a crazed message:

"OMG I just saw a black hit a man on the street with his car. he got out and they punched each other, and the black drove off."

It was clearly a situation where you'd have had to have been there in order to properly care, still, Fly G can always be a little bit boorish and borderline racist when it comes to observing street incidents which--curiously enough--always seem to happen around him."

"I got the license plate on the nig who ran away and gave it to the white," read the second text from Fly G.

See? I know you have to stick together with your own kind, but why not give the poor black man a break here? I'm familiar with the argument that black people were enslaving each other in Africa before the white man came over, but this was AFRICA and being enslaved by your richer neighbor saved you from starvation, bringing the blacks over on a ship to a strange continent was something much worse than local slavery, it was so worse that it should be given a new word, like Giga Slavery...or the Blackacaust.

The series finale of HBO's The Wire was aired this Sunday and I managed to catch it. It features a large black ensemble cast, and they play various roles such as drug dealers, cops, advisors, police chiefs, etc. The Wire is the only show that plays out a drama with heavy hitting government officials, such as mayors and advisors, and then shows you how that top level drama affects the cops, the criminals on the streets, and even school kids.

Its fascinating to watch and a little dishearntening because the finale drives home the point the highest commodity for those in power is leverage. Who has dirt on what, when will it be exposed, and how would we get this information (via wiretapping) is a big point of the show...

And I just get done watching the series finale when I learn that Governor Eliot Spitzer got caught in a hooker bust via wiretap.

....MAN isn't it obvious that Spitzer pissed someone off and got sold down the river by the feds? The Wall Street boys are cheering, the newspaper's are reporting it straight faced, and its obvious to me that these boys all play dirty, and that mayb Spitz didn't play by the rules fo the game...

It could also mean I've watched too much of the Wire...or not enough...or just about!?

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