Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Geraldine Ferraro In Clueless
Just A Pair Of Wild And Lucky Guys!

What's up in this bitch? Yeah this is Gerry.

Last night me and some of the gals got together, and we were just all in a tizzy. You know that new kid Barack? Yeah Mr. Kibbler in shop class is totally giving him a free ride because he's a black boy.

Seriously! I'm telling you, everyone is all like, "aww look at the poor little black boy," but me and the girls totally knows he steals his lunch from Stacy's little brother.

We saw him hanging near the cafeteria and we told him, "hey grody Barack, we know you steal from Bobby," and he started telling me I was a bitch and shit...

He totally hates us because we're white and pretty! OMG I know, isn't that sad? Yeah his friend David was triying to defend him too but he's black AND blind so he's EVEN luckier than his friend because all of his teacher's love him and lead him around by the arm. Can you believe that?

I heard Barack's parents are all rich africans and get a ton of money from the government because they have sickle cell ((giggle)), OMG I know, they totally just got into the school to fill the quota! I wish they'd stop letting them in!

Yeah? So anyway, have you seen Eliot around? OMG he's SOOOO cute, but Wendy tells me he's a total slut.


Flip X said...

Rampant political correctness aside (and yes, I know how much of a conservative cock that makes me sound), is Ferraro entirely wrong? I really do think that American culture has a lower tolerance level for racism than for sexism, especially racism against an African-American (collective national guilt, etc, etc). I feel that it'd be harder to speak out against a black person than it would be to criticise a woman (regardless of the validity of the criticism at hand) without people reading in-between the lines and citing discrimination as a motive. Thoughts?

PS - If this whole Democrat cat-fight draws out and give the Republicans enough steam to chug through the next election, those of us who can't partake in the decision-making but still have to live with the end results are gonna be very upset. Do something about it, Kevin!

Kevin said...

Well Ferraro is CLEARLY wrong in regards to Obama. Whether or not racism is tolerated less than sexism is debatable, but to say that Obama wouldn't be getting any attention if he was a white man is racist.

How the hell would anyone know that Obama, if his skin tone was white, WOULDN'T be getting the attention he's getting now? Its a ridiculous claim.

Just last month Clinton said that Obama hadn't rejected Farrakhan's endorsement, and nobody called her a racist because of it because she's right, Farrakhan is an anti-semitic racist...and Obama's response was strangely wishy-washy.

The media likes to categorize the primaries as infighting, but its actually taking so long, in my opinion, because we're choosing the next President right now. McCain and the Republicans have NO steam, its been eaten up by the Iraq War and Bush.

Flip X said...

I did think that Ferraro pushed the point about "wouldn't be getting ANY attention" a little far - Obama IS a charismatic orator, and that has nothing to do with race.

When I first came across the story, I was just vocalising that I agreed with Ferraro to the extent that some of the steam behind both Democrat campaigns is probably generated by the fact that Obama IS black and that Clinton IS female. It wouldn't be too far of a stretch for some blacks, women (and teh gays) to assume that shared racial and gendered experiences would allow for better representation of their needs and concerns by Obama and Clinton, respectively.

Whether or not this perceived sense of cultural solidarity is true or relevant is up for debate, but it shouldn't be seen as a racist or sexist thing to point this out, right?

Kevin said...

Well what you're saying Flip is completely different from what she said. You'd have to be blind to disagree with the sentiment that it is very exciting and revitalizing to have a black man and a woman be so closely competing for the Presidency of the U.S. (and it speaks to how shitty the Bush admin has run the country that America is not only considering them, but backing them enormously).

The only points I'd award Ferraro is for not apologizing for what she said, which is refreshing. If you believe in what you said, no matter how controversial, then DON'T APOLOGIZE, now matter what most people think.

That racist old bitch has balls.