Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Electronic Schedule
Welcome To My Shitty 80's Home

7:00 AM - My silent vibrating cell phone wakes me up.

7:40 AM - I unplug my iPod from its charging dock and plug it into my ear, listen to last night's Howard Stern show and assorted music tracks on the way to the subway.

7:50 AM - I board the subway, but I'm bored of the music, so I plug my headphones into my Nintendo DS and catch some Pokemon

8:30 AM - Head into the office, listen to Stern during down time, log online.

12:00 PM - Lunchbreak, I take my iPod and Nintendo DS to the local NintendoWorldStore where I download a brain training demo to my DS. Head back to work with food and continue listening to Stern.

5:30 PM - Leave work and head for the subway, listening to music. Once I reach the subway I play the Brain Training demo on my DS all the way home.

6:20 PM - I arrive home, I put away my DS and put in my iPod for more music.

7:30 PM - Once settled, I download the latest Stern show for listening tomorrow, and proceed to play several hours worth of Super Smash Brothers Brawl on my Nintendo Wii (I kick Scott's ass online).

11:40 PM - I blog on my Latop while digital cable plays in the back.

I'm unapologetically of the generation within the crowd that can take a vacation from the crowd. Fear me, world, I am destroying the precious commodity known as civility.

Be glad I am so techno-centric however, because otherwise I wouldn't find crazy videos on youtube like the one below, a how to be Fab guide from 80's non-icon Brenda Dickson, which plays like a training video for a Macy's Apparel section in hell.

Well, Hello! Notice the Slit?


Flip X said...

Her "Well hello!"s are hypnotic...and will most likely feature prominently as a motif in a whole new series of recurring nightmares for me.

bagel said...

You're a carbon sasquatch! You're killing the planet! There's a hole in the ozone layer that grows with every datum you compute!

Think of the trees, Kevin! The trees!

(I just made myself lul)

WDL said...

omg. that video is a train wreck, but I couldn't stop watching it.

i'm totally going to say "well, hello" today as much as I can.


Too Hotty said...

OMG Brenda Dickson! Is she not your total inspiration?

Is she why you went shoe shopping?

kevin said...

See Bagel? I know the gays.

Well jello!

Chris said...

Are you not hooked on the Deven Green versions?

Kevin said...

hahaha I'm going to have to review those parodies when I get home!