Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Obama's Pwnz Whites
Its Cool To Be A Minority Again!

I just read Obama's speech on race which was mainly a response to the controversy involving his crazy anti-American pastor and spiritual guide.

The speech was great, especially in how it totally shames whites, and simultaneously makes them feel better by suggesting that we unite to fix the racial divide in the country...even if it was all your fault, but who is keeping score anyway because we're in this mess together.


I'm elated to find myself in a cultural climate that makes it exciting to be a minority again. During the Bush years there was a curious rise in White pride at the expense of all other minorities (how many op-eds were written that chided gays for their wedge issue status, or who openly criticized the violent nature of the Katrina blacks and how it was their problem they were in that mess..?).

Thankfully I feel there's a big turnaround now, its totally cool to be a whitewashed minority with a tentative foot in your parent's culture, and its just plain sad to be an ignorant white person, which I feel is a much more realistic change of pace from the Bush-let's-bomb-all-the-Arabs-and-darkies approach to cultural enlightenment.

....but if we come together we can work towards all our problems.

Damn that feels good!

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