Monday, March 03, 2008

Older People
The Nurse Who Hated Old People So Much He Killed Them-ILF

I think its sad that today's elders hold no respect for young people.

Its cool to hate on the youtube, web 2.0 generation, and I would expect such fervor from the geriatrics of the world, but I didn't expect it from George Romero of all people who seems to be slamming young people in his latest 'Dead' film.

Are young people really that bad? Sure we jump on fads, take pictures of ourselves in front of mirrors, rant on amateurish video, and write about our concerns on blogs no one cares about, but all of this is--at worst--irritating, and at best it can be rather enlightening or just entertaining.

Older people, by turn, piss their pants, moan in your ear about their problems, and move very slowly on the sidewalk.

I hardly think that's honorable.

While a few younger people have taken it upon themselves to remove the blight of older people from our paws I'm a much more generous person, and I simply stand by rights of old people to live and complain next to us.

...that is until old people give me a cold.

Their hacking and coughing spreads in the air, their dead skin rotting in my nostrils, and now I have a mucous lump in my throat and I can't stop sneezing.

I recently changed my diet because I wanted to be healthier. This means there will be less quesadillas and more custom chicken salads, but NO, now I have to contend with a sniffling nose and a lump in my throat, and also a bruised knee that was most likely caused by an old person knocking me over while I was drunk and half-blacked out.

Thank you old people. Thank you for holding me in contempt and polluting my air with your treacherous dead molecules.

Collin Norris, over 6 feet of pure old people killing sex? You decide.

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