Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Quitting While You Are Slightly Behind
A Bosnian Vacation

Why are Obama supporters suggesting that Hillary quit the race now? That is the saddest political tactic I've ever heard, I wonder if they think it'll work on McCain?

"Oh look, we're beating you by 1%, you should drop out now McCain before you further divide the United States with your divisive politics"

Whine! Dudes, its a race!

And why are people so hard on Hillary about her trip to Bosnia? It's BOSNIA! I'm not going there, you aren't going there, what does it matter if she was greeted by sniper fire or the muppets? God bless ya for going to Bosnia, but I'm not setting foot there, not even to visit Bosnian Disneyland.

The only person I know who can criticize her is a friend's friend who took a vacation to Dubai. Lots of luck on that tour.

Furthermore...well nothing really. today was exceptionally dull in ways that even the most vivacious of human beings (i.e. yours truly) has problems coping with, and I'm never bored because I have myself to keep me company...

I did convince myself, however, that I have the gay flesh eating bacteria due to a searing jagged pain near my eye. I noticed in the mirror three scabs from recently plucked zits...or warts or something.

I also have a zit coming out of my forehead as well, which will probably scab over as well.

I know exactly what that disfigured french woman who wanted to commit suicide feels like now (oh and btw, that link has a picture that is, well gross).

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bagel said...

Is it wrong that I masturbated after seeing the disfigured french bitch?

It's not that I found her attractive; In fact, I found her appearance so disturbing that it made my own reflection on the screen even hotter.

God I love me.