Monday, March 24, 2008

Things I Learned From The Movie Babel
Things Reinforced By The Movie Babel

1) Stick with your own race.

2) Stay indoors at all times

Things I Already Knew That The Movie Babel Reinforced

1) Mexican Parties ("Pachangas!") ALWAYS end in tragedy.

2) Stay away from horny deaf mute Japanese school girls.


WDL said...

I just borrowed this from my assistant! I hope there is more to learn from it than that!

No male frontal nudity?



kevin said...

Oh please let me know what you thought about it after you see it. I thought it was great, but only in the way it made me despair at the human race.

Not a good lazy sunday movie.

no male nudity but you do see Gael Garcia Bernal be all cute and mexicanish.