Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Autism, Is It Right For Me?
Genius Retards

I think I have that advanced species disease? What's it called? Autism?

Yeah, I think I have autism.

I realized this watching the children from HBO's Autism: The Musical last night.

Austism, as I understand it, is a type of advanced retardation, in other words it makes you a little retarded, but also a little too smart for your own good, exactly like Rainman.

I was never officially diagnosed with Autism, but therein lies the problem, I don't think my parents ever made enough money to afford that diagnosis.

The best I got was mild OCD and I never scored any yummy autism pills.

Regardless, like autistic kids and adults, I feel that I am one of the many severely undiagnosed person with autism; I live in my own little world, its hard for me to speak to others, I'm a little retarded genius, and I wave my hands around like a dying Rabbi.

Bring on the pills, ahamena hamena!

CNN's Wall to Wall Autism Coverage, for great justice!


bagel said...

Just because you're an asspie doesn't make you autistic.

When I'm feeling down, I visit the asperger forums. I love me some schadenfreude. Words you like is one of the more popular threads on wrongplanet.net

I love that the url to that cnn article includes "/autism.jeffs.story/", as if Autism Jeff was his name.

WDL said...

um, dying rabbi's don't wave their hands around.

your totally thinking of a dying guatamalan nun.


Kevin said...

Screw you all, I have Autism and I'm proud of it. Don't tread on my semi-retarded brain.