Monday, April 14, 2008

Cannibal Holocaust
Its Better Than Xtube

I just now finished watching Cannibal Holocaust, the grindhouse film that was allegedly banned in over 50 countries around the world due to scenes of real amateur torture.

The film came out in 1980 and at the time moviegoers and eventually the courts believed that this was a snuff film. It turns out the only things that died were several animals that were killed on screen, including a sea turtle that is grotesquely disemboweled in the movie.

Having said all that; is it wrong that I was strangely aroused by the movie? Please don't misunderstand me, the scenes where natives yank the fetus out of a pregnant woman was horrible, and most of the movie is gleefully gross, but there was the one scene where one of the young retro filmmaker boys playfully forces himself on top of his girlfriend (while a very scared group of cannibals watch on) and just does her in the mud that they've just burned down with some cannibals in it.

Ahh it MUST be spring.

At any rate, I was already aroused from that scene and skipped ahead to the scene where the 3 filmmakers decide to illogically rape a young cannibal girl...and that was not hot at all.

Nothing hot about three nubile young Americans forcing themselves on a naked savage girl--in the mud--no siree Bob.

At any rate, if you like on-scree castrations, then I highly recommend a night with Cannibal Holocaust.


bagel said...

This has been on my amazon wish list for almost a year now. I must must must see it.

Do they eat the fetus? The delicious taste of juicy fetus is the only valid arguement for pro-choice I've ever heard.

Kevin said...

No they don't eat the fetus, they hastily bury it. Also, this is why you must read my news sidebar...cough cough...:

Cannibal Holocaust full movie

WDL said...

um super gross dot com.

i read this blog for sex and scandal. where was it in this post?

"I watched a gross movie and got hard." That is not a good post.

Now, if you would have graphically described your arousal, and how you took care of it, I think I would have enjoyed this more.

just sayin'


kevin said...

Hi WDL, you must be new around here :) Welcome!

WDL said...

born again virgin!

xo, WDL

bagel said...

I'm with WDL on this.. kinda. If they didn't eat the fetus, what got you so aroused?
Did they at least touch it inappropriately? Remember kids: it ain't baby rape if it's dead.