Friday, April 25, 2008

Do Asian Fetishists Dream of Epicanthal Folds?
An Excuse To Talk To Piss Boy

Last night I started to wonder, does a person with an asian fetish ever concentrate on the fold of their conquest's eyelids?

I like white guys, and sometimes I do find myself admiring the paleness of a person, and I'm sure that black fetishists love the black color of a person's cock or nipples, but I couldn't for the life of me be sure that an asian fetishist would focus on eyelid folds of all things.

And thus, I put the question to everyone's favorite Asian fetishist; Aussie Piss Boy, a tall and extremely handsome Asian and piss fetishist that I briefly dated whilst living in Los Angeles. Let's have a read through this magical Facebook exchange:

Me: As an asian fetishist, do you sometimes admire the attractiveness of epicanthal folds? (meaning the way the eyelids are formed on asian eyes?) What do you like about them?

Thank you.

Aussie Piss Boy: not so much eye lids. the shape of the eye..


Me: What is it about the shape of the eye that turns you on?


Aussie Piss Boy: its not the eye itself, its how it sits in the face.

u can have really chinky eyes that dont look hot at all.

i guess its about symmetry.

Clearly a whackjob right? Still, it does answer the question. I guess Asian fetishists appreciate "the way the eyes sit on a face."

This is also completely unrelated, but I think Aussie Piss boy is also a secret poop fetishist. I know this because he told me once that an asian boy gave him blumpkin once.

Now that's a hard act to follow.

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