Monday, April 07, 2008

How To Be Pokemon Friends
The Most Insane Text Message I've Ever Received

Due to work I was able to come into the possession of a Nintendo DS handheld videogame system with a copy of the newest Pokemon game..

The system supports wireless internet connectivity. Unfortunately I didn't have any friends playing the game so my internet options were limited.

My videogame addicted friend and old high school chum in Los Angeles recently texted me, and remembering that he had all video game systems in existance, I asked whether he had the newest Pokemon game.

He replied in the affirmative and I was about to hand him my "friend code," an ID number used to connect with me not unlike a phone number, when I realized I had no idea where this code was in my copy of the game.

Feeling too lazy to look up how to find this code online, I just asked my friend via text, "how can we be Pokemon friends?"

He sent me his text response an hour later, and I believe it might be the greatest text message I've ever received from anyone. I am reprinting it below--unedited--for posterity's sake.

"First well meet out in the field and talk about how we both want to ne the best (trainers), like no one ever was. Then well have conflicting ideas aboutr how to raise our pokemon and what it takes to be a good trainer. then well separarte for a minute and team rocket will kidnap one of our pokemonses and well have to work together to beat them. then well realize that even though we train differently we really do care fo rour pokemens. then well vow to battle eachother someday. and and then and then and then well shake hands and be friends. the end."

I think we both must secretly have Aspergers..


Flip X said...

"Pokémon" references never get old.

Kevin said...

I didn't know you were a furry!

bagel said...