Tuesday, April 15, 2008

How To Emasculate Your Man Completely
Next On Oprah, Your Man Likes Porn And Possibly Blowjobs! Horrendous!

This is the by far the best article I've read all day

Woman finds porn on her man's computer, then has a long introspective conversation with him, leading to the removal of his balls

First of all, what crazy puritanical hovel does this woman live in? ALL MEN have porn, and if you're a hetero woman then you should quietly assume to yourself that any of the men you are dating at the moment has his very quirky and highly personalized collection of porn.

We men, like lions, love to amass a pride (or harem if you will) of fantasy porno vids, and its rarely a slight to a partner unless the guy is a total psychopath.

Assume all men have porn, and if you're sure your man has no porn, then he's gay, because he has gay porn that he's REALLY hiding from you hardcore.

"He said to [me] when we have sex he sees me and us and our relationship as part of the act and because of that it is a deep emotional experience for him

I love when girls fall for THAT line of horseshit.

Ultimately the author reaches a nice conclusion, if not one that smells like a woman's perfumed armpit after she runs a few miles.


The 'Goose said...

So let me get this right: you would have us believe that men generally like to look at naked people. This is what you're saying? Hmm...

Nope. Still not buying it. Nice try, though.

Kevin said...

Yes, even now I'm thinking of my porno at home, all lonely and waiting for me. Sniff.

bagel said...

I am a woman, and I love porn. When I'm surfing the web, I often see certain porn and think "my man would like that!" and save it for him.

Here, .

bagel said...

Doh...stupid blogger cuttin off my html.

Was sposed to say watch the last half of the first clip