Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Obama: The Anti-White Anti-Christ?
How Barbara Walters Can Solve All Of Your Personal Problems

Shouldn't white people be a little afraid of Obama now?

I begrudge whites quite a bit what with enslaving the black race and consistently being history's greatest assholes, but let me be frank for a second; if I was white I'd be a little scared of Obama because this Wright cat called him out, he essentially implied that Obama secretly agrees with Wright's views but he's just saying otherwise in public because he's a politician.

Obama announced publicly that he believes everything Wright said is wrong, and this is after a speech hailed as groundbreaking which he stated that he could never abandon Wright.

Have you noticed that Obama has a problem talking? He gives compelling speeches and announcements, but he doesn't really have a moment where he sits down and explains the situation just like a regular person. If this issue is brought up again he'll just reference the speech he made and ask to move on.

If I were Obama's handlers, I'd tell him to go on Barbara Walters, gently bristle under soft-lighting, and tell Barbara, "hey, I used to go to Wright's church, but that was 20 years ago and I haven't really been going to his sermons. It looks like he just went nuts over the last 5 years, probably post 9-11 like the rest of the lunatics..."

That's what I suspect is the reality here, that or Obama is really a lunatic Black Panther who will bring white America to its knees. I'm fine with either scenario as I can probably pass for a light skinned black with just a few minor cosmetic enhancements.

The above preacher is NOT Reverend Wright, he's just waaaay more crazy

Update: Wright is right, and everything is your fault whitey. Damn straight!


Bonus Feature: Fly G vs Blacks

Fly G's Letter to the Post

To The Editor:

It is overwhelmnly clear by now that obamas pastor is a whacko, racist, conspiracy theorist. Yet Obama continued to return to this radical preaching week after week. I dont know about you, but when I disagree with something on tv, radio, or in church, I flip the channel or get up and leave. Obama only feels that way now, now that he needs the white vote badly to have a chance at the nomination.
How many "amens" did he shout to the Rev. Whacko before he took this 180 turn?

Fly G

Fly G's Email to Me - Sent 1 hour after the above letter

So i decided to take the subway home this morning since the railroad is to expensive during rush hour everyday. (7.25 vs 2.00)

I was rudely reminded why the extra money is worth it for the comfort of the railroad.

Not but two stops in, on a jam packed standing room only train, walks on a black homeless man, that must have been peeing in his pants for weeks.

Most people were horrified and ran to the other end of the car, whincing and covering their faces.

And then there was the die hard few that were so fucking lazy to give up their prized rush hour seat that they sat there, and smelled rotton piss the entire way to Manhattan. They were black too.

Always bet on black


bagel said...

I think I love Fly-G.

Kevin said...

He's woody allen and archie bunker rolled into a stick figure.