Friday, April 18, 2008

Tarsem's 'The Fall'
Bleaching My Man-bag

I'm sorry I didn't update this blog but I was busy bleaching my man-bag yesterday.

That's not a euphamism for anything. My man-bag was dirty and I decided to place it--and some other white articles--into the washer to bleach them.

It worked, thank you very much for inquiring.

The first order of business I wanted to relay to you was that you must see Tarsem's The Fall (the trailer is above). I caught the New York premiere of the film at the MoMa two days ago and the film has stayed in my head since then.

It is a mix of the Princess Bride and Pan's Labyrinth. It is intelligent, sweet, dark, and beautiful.

Beautiful--and its not just the scenerey. Its true what they say about art, it helps if there are great looking people involved.

I don't know who this Lee Pace was, but I fell in love with his performance, and by proxy, with him during the film. He also played the Transvestite girl in Soldier's Girl which I caught a while back which is even more impressive.

Lee Pace was at the screening as well, all six foot something of himself. He came up to wave to the audience awkwardly, how endearing.

I wish I could bleach HIS man-bag.


bagel said...

I so thought you dyed your hair and was making the carpet match. Don't do that -- you'd not be an attractive blonde.

racho said...

Haha !