Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Two-Faced Babies Are A Threat And Need To Be Destroyed
Looking Forward To A Headless Future

I look forward to a time where being born without a head will be a perfectly acceptable medical condition that you can live with.

I read about the the two faced baby who is doing fine recently and it got me wondering about science, and I do believe that there will be a point in medicinal science where you and yours can have a baby with no head and then raise it like a normal human being.

When a child is born missing a limb, I think everyone thinks its sort of cute, but when they are born with something EXTRA then they're clearly a threat! A baby with an extra face is scary to me, but a functioning baby with no head is the height of cuteness.

I would date a headless adult, wouldn't you? Its the same idea behind the human race's fantasy to have sex with at least one person with a missing leg.

Besides, I hear straight men talk all the time about how they want to have sex with women with no heads.

(Thanks to ABCNews, the new online circus freak tent)


bagel said...

Is it one baby with 2 faces, or 2 babies missing one body?

Now that would be cute!

Kevin said...

If someone gave birth to JUST a face, that would be the height of cuteness, i do agree.