Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Bug Fable
I Learn A Lesson in the Bathroom

I learned a valuable lesson in the bathroom today.

I was sitting in the toilet minding my own business when I noticed a particularly hideous specimen of millipede just hanging out near the edge of the bathtub.

At first I was naturally scared because I am a total urbanite, having been raised as far away from barns as humanly possible.

I noticed he took two devouring two nearby bugs however, smaller flying creatures, and I started to like him, because I like bugs that eat more annoying bugs like mosquito.

"Oh that's great," I thought, "maybe we can keep him."

However, it wouldn't sit still, it would run up and down the bathtub, reaching the floor, and then scurry across the floor. I propped my legs up in a panic, I didn't want it touching me.

After watching it run around some more, I took a broom handlebar from the nearby closet, and proceeded to spear it like Ahab tried spearing his whale.

After some misses, I managed to beat the thing into submission. It laid on the floor dead.

I think the lesson I learned is, no matter how helpful you are, someone will still want to stab you to death with a broom handle if you don't at least pretend to know your place around a giant person.

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dit said...

Boy, do I know this. My Boss sees me not as an asset, but as a competition.