Thursday, May 22, 2008

Help With Top 5 Anal Scenes
Its An Honest Question

It just hit me that I haven't read a good list of Top Anal scenes committed to non-pornographic films.

I'm a bit stumped. Here is what I have:

5) Marlon Brando does a ho in the backside using butter as lubrication in Last Tango in Paris.

4) Rednecks anally rape a fat man in the movie Deliverence. They make him squeeeel like a pig.

3) The girl Marlon Brando did in number 5 gets her vengeance. She fingers him as he monologues in Last Tango in Paris.

2) Heath Ledger does Jake Gyllenhal in Brokeback Mountain using spit as lube.

1) ??

I can't come up with number one. There is a 15 minute doggy style rape scene in the film Irreversible, but it isn't apparent whether its anal or if he's just "hittin' it from the back."

As you can tell, I need some Mr. Skin style help here.


bagel said...

Nick Nolte in Q&A.

Been a long time since I saw it. Either Nick is offered delicious sodomy and wants a blow instead, or is offered the blow but hits the booty instead.

I was young when I saw it. I was all "what are they...omg!"

Kevin said...

Whoa! Speaking of Nick Nolte...wasn't he anally raped in Prince of Tides in front of his whole family? Then they raped his mom? THen the brother shot all the rapists?

I'll have to look into the Nolte factor.

"the" Mrs. Astor said...

Don't forget the delicious rape of a boy in a reform school in the Brazilian movie about street kids, Pixote.

Anonymous said...

What about Brad Davis getting it up the ass in Querelle?

Anonymous said...

there's this awesome beach fucking scene in this annoying gay french film from the 90s.

the whole movie is pretentious and annoying in the way only gay youth movies can be but those 15 secs of hard fucking in the sand are awesome!

Kevin said...

I'm going to have to look up the brad davis scene.

Oh AND I know EXACTLY the beach scene you are talking about, and that scene TOTALLY got me laid several years back. The whole movie was insufferable though, you are right, and I'll find out the name of the movie tmw.

eddie wright said...

what about Camille Keaton in I spit on your grave or Kathleen T urner in Body Heat