Thursday, May 01, 2008

Interracial Bootie
Barbara Walters Totally Got It From A Black Guy

It sounds like Barabara totally had some black cock as revealed on Opraph today. Not only was it black cock, but it was married black cock, and it was also the cock belonging to a US senator.

I am always pleasantly surprised to learn that a white person (the more docile the better) loves to have sexual relations with black people. White couples are so boring and expected, but when you learn someone you've interacted with has gotten some black meat, you simply can't stop but picturing them starring on the wrong end of one of those "Monster Black Cocks Bukkake" porn party videos.

Which is not to say that I would never sleep with a black guy, au contraire, I feel that I could certainly do it with a significant caveat. You see, I don't have a fetish for black people, so the black person I'd sleep with would have to be unbelievably good looking...

And we see this all the time amongst our hormone crazy friends. My friend Fly G for example loves blacks and latinos, but the blacks and latinos he sometimes hooks up with are--by my standards--third world ugly.

Whereas Fly G has taken many an opportunity to tell me just how crazy gross the people I like are, what with their long hair, British teeth, and Australian cro-magnon foreheads.

This all ties into Barbara because it has long since been rumored that she had an affair with Richard Pryor (which she fairly denies, but women lie you know), and Pryor isn't the the prettiest cock in the black henhouse, that honor would go to Merlin Santana

And that's the beauty of race, and it is that I'm not winning any beauty pagents in my home country, but I am Thor the Man-God to the cute french boy who was staring me down in the dressing room of the local H&M store while his girlfriend was changing.

This isn't something we want to figure out folks, its just something we should enjoy.

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