Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Love Hate Theorem

For centuries now the human race has struggled to find the absolute greatest way for one individual to emotionally hurt another.

With our advances in communication technology, we have broken new boundaries in pain and relationship paranoia; the unanswered call is now blown up thousand-fold with the blocked screen name, limited facebook profile view, myspace friend request denial, and the occasional e-mail bomb.

The above techniques--however--do lack the immediate gratification of the old fashioned live-person diss.

Mr. Assherpes had stepped off of his subway line as I approached him. It was raining lightly that day and we both carried our umbrellas with headphones in our ears. Upon spotting each other I waved hello, he stopped, took off his headphone, and I passed by him and walked onto my train.

I could see the pain in his eyes, and this pain was intensely gratifying.

People say that hate and love are different sides of the same coin, and that if you hate someone then you actually love them.

This doesn't make immediate sense to me because I don't think that two opposites can be the same, so rather than all that mush, I'd like to think that love and hate are actually neither emotion, and that both words represent the primale feeling of having an invisible hand leap out from you and deeply throttle another living thing.

This much we have accomplished, and all feels right with the world.

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bagel said...

You say 'assherpes' like it's a bad thing.