Wednesday, May 21, 2008

There Will Be Pollen
Who Knew Allergy Piills Made You Drowsy

I made the mistake of smoking a ton and wallowing in Pollen this weekend while visiting my old friend Mr. Reality Show Reject and his fiance the big Puerto Rican (they're the happy HIV positive couple that I know).

Once I came home I was hit by a painful allergic attack. I was congested completely. I was sneezing and hacking up painfully. I took an anti-allergy pill last night and I woke up completely drowsy.

WHO KNEW allergy pills are strong sleeping pills as well? Its just bullshit, I want to fight my allergies while I'm getting up and going.

Nevertheless, before taking the pill, I stopped at a Blockbuster to pick up the film There Will Be Blood which I had been dying to see for sometime.

And what a great movie this is. The characters are larger than life, the story is a completely dark American Gothic style parable. It centers around Daniel Plainview (Daniel Day Lewis, who totally deserved this Oscar win) and his young son. Daniel is a somewhat deranged oil man who haunts the 19th century landscape digging up oil and cheating people out of profits.

This is the sort of movie that you know is important as you're watching it. The soundtrack sometimes sounds as tense as the violin plucks in Kubrik's The Shining and there are gorgeous shots like the one shot behind Daniel as his oil rig catches on fire making it seem as if he's just struck oil in Hell.

This isn't just a high-art film, its tense without being schlocky, and its deliciously mean. Several decades later in American history from the film's setting and the country is still dealing with Oil madmen and religious zealots, both issues covered well in the movie.

The infamous Milkshake scene from There Will Be Blood, recreated by 5 year old girls

I ended up passing out in exhaustion after the movie ended, and now I'm here ready to die of drowsiness. Just go watch the movie.

I just had a scary thought. I was wondering what kind of crazy parent would not only allow their kids to recreate mature scenes from films--but encourage them to do so in order to put the scene on youtube. I looked within my heart and, yep, I would totally do the same if I had kids.


I just now stumbled on the bizarre sub-subculture of Internet parodies, specifically youtube videos that parody the end of There Will Be Blood. Take a peek only if you've seen the movie or if you don't mind spoilers:

There Will Be Milkshakes

There Will Be Pokemon


GrooveTheory said...

Honey, you were up in the boondocks of Plainfield, New Jersey. What do you expect? Your NY-smogged-up lungs couldn't take so much fresh air.

Kevin said...

Well it also didn't help that Mr. Reality Show smokes like a devil and that their front porch was literally covered in pollen.

And I just sat there wondering why it didn't affect me.