Tuesday, June 24, 2008

George Carlin
Why Batman Is My Hero

George Carlin died yesterday which comes as a shock to me; I didn't know he was even sick.

The man was a legendary and helped change the way we talk about religion and politics, making it perfectly acceptable to tell both institutions to fuck off with relative impunity as long as its funny.

I doubt he'd want to be canonized, and I'm not the person to do it. I want to say he was a hero of mine, but that feels a bit bizarre. I like saying that Martin Luther King Jr. is a hero of mine but it doesn't feel right either. Martin never saved me from a burning building, and I hear that he allegedly cheated on his wife.

Nevertheless, Carlin certainly had an influence on me and, by proxy, you.

If I had to choose a real hero, it would probably be Batman. Not too many heroes can pull off being heroic and mopey at the same time. Batman does it with class and by intimidation; two traits I think I employ.

Speaking of which, disregard the below post. This weekend Brandon had texted me forgetting a date he agreed to meet with me...

He blamed it on the pain medication!

And, like Batman, I used class and intimidation to let him know he was wrong. I'm a big proponent of printing out a report for a future ex listing his various shortcomings as a human being, and I conveyed this to him in the form of a text message.

Calling people out on their bullshit must be good thing, right Carlin?

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