Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer Lovin'
Batman Returns Rocks

I've currently been hanging out with a Brandon.

Its a nonsensical relationship with no future. He's a pill addict with flashes of intelligence. He's tortured, mostly depressed, adorably vulnerable, and predictably down about everything.

Though he does aspire to be an opera singer, and I've enjoyed hearing him sing in the shower while I pretend to be asleep.

Yes, this begs the question, "what's with Kevin and weirdos?" Fortunately I'm pretty aware of what I'm doing now. I think this one will be nipped in the bud before things go too crazy and I'm forced to ignore him if we cross paths on the street.

I just wonder how any two people get together and why. I think forming a union is about the most unnatural thing you can do. Happy couples come and go, but I think the secret to staying together is a willingness to kiss a person all over without being disgusted, coupled with a mutually agreeable form of emotional sadomasochism (which I'm down with).

If I can find someone who'll let me call him "assface" casually while out with friends, then we're good to go on a potential gay marriage candidate.

I never believe a person loves their significant other when they tell me how wonderful he or she is, and that's because NO ONE is wonderful. When a person tells me how much of an ass their boyfriend is, that strikes me as a touch more real. I'd like to hate someone like that one day.

And I leave you with a Batman Returns quote, because I have a theory that all situations in life can be directly referenced to by a quote from that movie:

Selina Kyle: "Sickos never scared me, least they're committed. Its the so-called Normal Guys that let you down."

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