Monday, July 21, 2008

Adult Edutainment
Kevin Gets A Sneaking Suspicion

gay porn

Today I sat on Fly G's fire escape contemplating what it means to be an adult.

By "contemplating" I do mean I stirred in my mind while drinking obscene amounts of wine and harassing his neighbors. Fly G has moved out from his Manhattan haven and into the boroughs in order to obtain an apartment of his own sans roommates.

We felt like adults, like that last scene in Stand By Me when the boys know that they've done a hell of a lot of growing up that summer and consumed the corpse they found by the train tracks in order to gain his power [director's cut].

Fly G is getting a place on his own, and I feel like I'm getting quite a few requests for job interviews that hadn't happened before. Suddenly the future looks like the deep end of the community swimming pool. I feel like I'll never sleep on an air mattress again (until I meet my next ex boyfriend).

How do you grow up? Its a damned tricky question. I have the sneaking suspicion that they taught the "how to grow up" course in all the private schools my Mom couldn't afford. All I got was a class in computer science that made us experts at Microsoft Bob and nothing else.

Heterosexual men have it so easy. When they plunder the depths of their mild existential crises, they have a wife or child they can just beat in frustration.

What do I have to beat?

Well never mind THAT answer.


Lucinda said...

No one grows up. At least that's what I think, I mean, I'm just 17, but it appears to me that all adults are just teenagers with less hair (sometimes more...).
Some teenagers think that at 18 they've grown up and are now adults, while some adults see 60 as grown up, it's all perception.
When you perceive that you have grown up, you will have (haha, maybe not, but at least it sounds nice).
= )

Kevin said...

Aye, I probably grew up. It looks like it happens overnight, and it isn't as painful as I thought it would be ;) Thanks for reading.