Thursday, July 03, 2008

Almost Famous
Dick Flick

I'm watching Almost Famous because its critically acclaimed...

I'm starting to understand how straight people view certain gay movies. There are movies that transcend their respective Demographics like Brokeback Mountain (which you'd have to be a love-scarred cynic to hate), but there are other gay movies like let's say Get Real that some people might not even connect with.

I bring this up because I've never been a 15 year old straight boy pining away for a trollop like Kate Hudson.

Almost Famous' central lure seems to be its Boomer nostalgia for the 70's and white trash rock. Not good white trash rock, but the middle of the road stuff, like the Eagles.

Plus Jimmy Fallon is in it...I know, ew.

I suspected as much. To be fair to the director though, I really really liked Elizabethtown, though that movie had Orlando Bloom in it so it was already a bit gay.

I don't know much about demographics. I saw Eddie Murphy's giant head in Times Square tonight and thought, "wow that is a scary looking bust of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr."

Shows what I know.


im'mature said...

Kevin, you need to make a few more black friends before you're able to tell them apart. To help you get started, here are some tips from Sally and Johnny.

Kevin said...

I only know black nerds unfortunately. I think I need to branch out or have my art suffer with me.