Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Cult Leader Obama
Told You So

I have an idea, let's nominate the biggest pussy junior senator we can find to be the next Democratic president.

Just get swept right up in his cult of personality bullshit. Find a black man who can "speak well" to impress all of the highly educated citizens of this country. Let his campaign come up with slogans, logos, and soundbites that excite, and then have him turn around and stick an entire baseball bat up our asses.

Yeah that's a great idea, who doesn't love a good bat rogering, especially the cold steel kind.

You've been HAD, you've been BAMBOOZLED!

Like I mentioned before, Obama is just another choad, like Hillary, but at least she craftily thinks things through.

Now everyone who was crying for Hillary to give up the nomination can KISS my ass. Yes let's streamline our country down the toilet, dwindle our choices down, and lose our leverage against a populist candidate, that's what America is all about.

Quiet, dumb dumb, you know I'm right.

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